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HUM 122-Southern Culture: General Resources

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Search Tips

When you search for online resources about Southern culture, try these suggestions to make finding them a little easier.

  • Search for "american south" or "southern states" combined with your other keywords. South as a keyword can refer to many places.
  • Try searching for specific states or regions such as Appalachia or "low country."
  • Look for an important event or person related to your topic. A book that covers that topic will likely refer to those important people or events. 
  • To exclude terms from your search add NOT followed by the word or phrase you don't want to find, for example
"the new south" NOT "new south africa" NOT "new south wales"

Southern Culture Books

See the following resources for selected e-books and print books about Southern culture. To search for more, search our electronic resources and/or online catalog.


Click on the book title to go to the ebook. To search inside a book, look for the "Search within this publication" search box.

Southern Culture Videos

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Southern Culture Publications Online

Selected Southern Culture-related periodicals from the library's databases. Find more by using the Journal & E-Book Finder

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