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What are audiobooks?

In front of a bookshelf sits a woman wearing headphones connected to a smartphone that shows a book on screen with audio playback controls.Audiobooks allow readers to enjoy books with their ears. One or more professional narrators or voice actors are recorded reading a book out loud. Previously called "books on tape" or "books on CD," most audiobooks are now in a digital format. And yes, your library does have digital audiobooks for you to check out and listen to completely free!

Reasons to listen to audiobooks:

  • Keep yourself (and others) entertained on frequent commutes or long road trips without having to deal with radio commercials or static.
  • Read while cleaning or exercising, and if you are really enjoying the book, there's your motivation to keep going.
  • Makes books accessible to those with vision loss or other print disabilities.
  • Reading and listening at the same time can help with focus or comprehension.
  • Enjoy books you've read before in a new way.

Audiobook tutorials

Dogwood Digital Library is a collection of ebooks and audiobooks for VGCC and other community colleges in North Carolina. You can access Dogwood Digital by using the Libby app on your smartphone or tablet or any web browser on a computer.

Click the links below to learn how to access books using the Libby app.

VGCC also offers a collection of audiobooks (and ebooks) through Hoopla on the app or Hoopla website. Before using Hoopla, you need to have registered for a library card at the the VGCC library and have your library card number available.

If you are new to Hoopla, follow the instructions in the tutorial below to find and listen to audiobooks in Hoopla.

O'Reilly for Education is a large collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and other materials  focusing on computer science, information technology, and business topics. It is a great resource for those studying for IT certification exams.

O'Reilly includes over 2,500 digital audiobooks available for immediate listening through any web browser. View the video below to learn how to access audiobooks in O'Reilly for Education.

Digital Audiobook platforms from VGCC Library Services

VGCC Library Services has multiple platforms that include digital audiobooks.


Over the ear headphone fitted over a smartphone showing a picture of a book with audio playback button at the bottom of the phone screenText-to-speech allows a computer to take written digital information and translate it into an audio format that can be heard and understood by a person. The audio is produced by a computer, rather than a  human narrator. Some online resources will include a text-to-speech option for those with print or vision disabilities.

These resources include a text-to-speech option for some, if not all, of their content.

Need help?  Contact the VGCC Library.