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ACA 115: Career Goal Presentation Project: VGCC & College Information

Suggested library and web resources for the Career Goal Presentation Project in ACA 115

VGCC Information

Click on the links below to see important information about VGCC programs and courses.

Searching for Colleges

Transferring to NC Colleges & Universities

The sites listed below are direct links to information about transferring from community college to several popular public universities in North Carolina.

College Students

Students listening in a college classroom
Photo "Student in Class" by Tulane Public Relations via Wikimedia Commons. Used under a CC BY 2.0 license.

U.S. Colleges and Universities

Looking for more information about colleges and universities across the country? Try the links below.

College Majors

The links below will help you learn more about specific college majors and how to choose one.

College Skills

To learn more about study skills needed for college and beyond, check out the links below.

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