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OST 140: Internet Communication and Research: Understanding
the Internet

The Internet at Work

These days, most people use the Internet in some capacity at work.  In fact, many people can't do their work without it.  However, how you use the Internet at work is very important.  

Different workplaces have different policies regard employee use of the Internet in the office. Some monitor what websites employees visit. Make sure you know what you are allowed to do and stick to those guidelines. These articles discuss some of those concerns.

Staying Safe Online

Protecting your computer and personal privacy is a major concern when using the Internet, The following articles suggest some things to watch out for and ways to protect your computer and your information.

The Internet Explained

Curious as to how the Internet actually works? This short video from gives you the basics.

How the Internet Works

To learn more about how the Internet works and how you can work with it, try these articles and tutorials that can get you the basics of what you need to know.

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